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Tobermory | July 13/14, and Sept. 7/8, 2019

Tobermory offers some of the best freshwater diving in the world and the area is famous its shipwrecks. A weekend in this underwater museum is sure to be the highlight of ever diver's summer!

⇥ Sounds like fun? Then let's take a closer look at what scuba diving in Tobermory is like.

⇥ Not all dive centers are alike. Let's look at what you get when you go with Water Sports.

⇥ Ready to take the plunge? Jump right ahead to the booking info.

⇥ Have a non-diver coming with you? No problem, Tobermory has plenty to do topside.

Scuba Diving Tobermory September 2013
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Tobermory Diving July 2013
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Fathom Five National Marine Park...

is Canada's first national marine conservation. The park was created to conserve a freshwater ecosystem of ancient rock formations, cliff-edge forests, and 22 historic shipwrecks. The is in addition to the neighbouring Bruce Peninsula National Park, that protects an area of the Niagara Escarpment, and part of a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. A weekend spent here is a welcome escape to nature. You can find out more about the park on their website.

This is a wreck diving paradise...

with dozens of dive sites. Fathom Five alone is home to 20+ historic shipwrecks, like the Arabia, and there are purpose-sunk wrecks, like the Niagara II, found outside the park's boundaries. There are few places in the world that are better for wreck diving, so we're pretty lucky that Tobermory is practically in our own backyard!

The turquoise waters of Tobermory...

offer the best visibility in Ontario. The rocky geology of the Bruce Peninsula means that there's less silt here than pretty much anywhere else in Ontario. As long as divers don't stir up the little silt that there is, you can usually expect close to crystal clear conditions.

Now that you know a bit about diving in Tobermory, let's look at what you get when you go with Water Sports ⇥



We have over 2 decades of hands-on experience...

leading dive trips throughout Ontario and around the world. We have a proven track record of safety, and our professional crew are trained to help and advise new and seasoned divers alike. There's simply no substitute for experience. You can learn more at About Diving with Water Sports.

We keep our group small...

to provide a comfortable, unhurried, and friendly dive experience. Overcrowding can make people feel rushed and we don't want that.

We have the best crew...

in Tobermory, and the Proteus is one of the largest and most comfortable dive boats. The wide beam gives a stable ride which is helpful if you're prone getting sea sick. Divers love the exceptionally big deck that gives you tons of room to set up, and the 2 fin-friendly ladders. The deck canopy will help keep us shaded from the sun (or covered from the rain) and there's a heated cabin if it's a bit too chilly on deck. The friendly and professional crew will always get us to the perfect site for the weather conditions. The boat is Canadian Coast Guard inspected and is equipped with all required safety equipment.

We're your partners in safety...

and we take this seriously. Our onboard crew are trained in safety procedures, and we bring along our safety equipment. We also offer a free bonus pool refresher to our divers before the trip so you can practice your skills before hitting the water.

We offer a variety of courses...

so that you can improve your scuba skills with our Advanced Open Water Diver, Boat Diver, Deep Diver, and Wreck Diver courses. These courses will be offered during our July trip only; no courses are available during out September trip.

Ready to take the plunge? Let's learn how you can join us on this exciting trip ⇥



This is an Advanced level trip, but...

don't worry if you aren't Advanced certified; you can finish the Advanced Diver course on this trip in July! We don't require previous Ontario diving experience, but Tobermory is a cold-water destination so be prepared for that. However, the crystal-clear waters are worth the extra effort!

Our trip is September is for certified Advanced Divers only since we won't be offering any courses on this particular weekend.

Don't risk missing out...

by waiting too long to sign up. We have 2 trips to Tobermory this year and space is limited. Our entire crew is here to help so please let us know if you'd like to register, or if you have any questions.

Min Cert:
July 13 & 14, 2019
2 dives Saturday morning, and 2 dives Sunday morning (4 dives total)
Advanced Open Water Diver, or enrollment in our Advanced course
Min Cert:
September 7 & 8, 2019
2 dives Saturday morning, and 2 dives Sunday morning (4 dives total)
Advanced Open Water Diver


 Give us a call at 416-488-1000
 Email us at info@watersportsscuba.com
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There are also many topside attractions...

so, you'll never be bored, and even non-divers will have plenty to do. Check out www.tobermory.com for info on hiking, cruises, and other local attractions.



*Price does not include HST, tranportation, or accommodations. Information is subject to change without notice.

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